Datapull from a website

Hi ,
I have more sample person list in an excel (File is attached) for which I would like to extract respective contact information from a directory page and to be pasted in the respective extract column.

I have prepared the workflow, it is running fine. It opens each link and search for each person but it extracts data only for only last person and pasting it in first column.
Can you tell where is the error in the attached file?
Also can you explain how to get the respective extract from site to respective "Email column?

Thanks,Weill UniversityFeb4.xaml (17.3 KB) University Sites.xlsx (9.0 KB)

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can you mention which contact you are trying to fetch?

Entire data that is retrieved when search page is hit for a particular person.

I want to fetch contact details of each person. All people contact information are available in directory page. Hence instead of manual search for each person in the directory, I would like to automate the whole process.
Please let me know if stil not clear.

Hi @Hema_Latha,

In Place of “D2” write “D”+(univDt.Rows.IndexOf(row)+2).ToString

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Thank you so much. It works!! :slight_smile:

you can loop through the data table and mention this
and use if conditon like this
not row.ItemArray.ToList.IndexOf(“Alberto”).ToString.Equals("-1")
“-1 represents that EmpID is not present in that row. So we did a ‘not’ to make sure we extract value only when the EmpID is there in the row.”
StringOut = row.Item(row.ItemArray.ToList.IndexOf(“Alberto”) + 2).ToString

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