How to get contact informations

I know how to extract data from a same page. But my problem is that i have a liste in a page that only contain user names, so i should enter in each user, and take his informations, and go back onto the previous page, and select another person; and so on …

My question in pictures :
1- click on a person
2- Click on “Show the cordinates”

3- copy the email for example and store it in an axcel file
4- do this for the rest of contacts

So can uipath do this please ?

You can try using something like this,

  1. Use DataScraping and Scrape the Name & URL for each of the user you see in the page. This Data will be stored in a DataTable.
  2. Use a For Each Row Loop and retrieve the URL stored in the datatable for each of the user.
    a. Use ‘Navigate To’ or ‘Open Browser’ activity and pass the URL.
    b. Click on ‘Show the cordinates’ using the Click Activity.
    c. Get the Text Value that you want. Append this value into an Excel, Text etc as per you need.
    d. Since you are already using the for each loop, loop will now take a new url and navigate to that.

Let me know if it helps.

Rammohan B.

It’s something like that ?
URL is the name of the column.

Try once to pass URL(1).Tostring in Navigate to activity

But i should type URL or just row in foreach ?

Please i want to retrieve the url for each user

Scrap name and url so in extract data table than you can retrieve url in for each

Guys uipath he didn’t give me the correcr URL.
For exemple, he only get me this url : in/abdennacer-elbadaoui-87a984118
he must give me the whole url like this :
Ana suggestions ?
Look :

Store in one variable assume v1 = and concat scraped url (URL(1).Tostring)

so you can get

When uipath reach the 2ed person he stops and i got this message:

Try this in the selectors webctrl aaname=‘*’ tag=‘A’/

Thank you Indra it works.

Now i puted a writeline to show the emails and i get this:

Please do you know how to store this emails to excel ?
And really thank you bro.

Use write cell activity

Already did.
But i got this in excel :

I don’t know why he didn’t copy the emails


Declare variable with type int counter =1
After write cell
Assign counter = counter +1
Than in write cell remove “A1” and pass this “A”+counter.Tostring

Thank you again Bro and i’m sorry …
But he did not get the emails, just this
Please help me


Shoud i use something else then get text ?

Remove 1 from A1 in write cell

I removed the 1
But why he did not put the emails ?

Selectors are changing dynamically use ui explorer and see which values are changing

Shoud i click in something here ?

i’ve never use ui explorer

I think you have not done with foundation training
For selectors follow this link