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I have excel with column name website having 50 urls and 2nd column with state name and city name as third column .with these details after going to the website url .I need to find the particular person (for ex: faculty email id and phone number etc) from the website like https://www.harvard.edu .After getting email id and write into excel sheet.Please find the attached excel sheetChennai (1).xlsx (10.2 KB)

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Sorry to ask that, but what do you need exactly? You explained us your project yet haven’t asked any questions

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It is a simple automation.
Please go thru the uipath foundation diploma in uipath academy.
You will know how to extract this information.

You must understand how excel activities work, how to click buttons on a web page, how to use find text activities and scrape the data.

Please complete academy courses.

Karthik Byggari

I agree with you, looks kinda simple tbh

Hi @sushma123

1.Use Read Range to read the Chennai(1).xlsx
2.Use for each row in Datatable
3.OPen Browser and pass the url
4.when loging into site and
5.Use type into and pass row(“College Name”).To String along with row(“State Name”) and row(“City Name”)
6.Then use get atrribute or get text activity to extract email id
7.Use write range and pass the string value in the excel

Ashwin S

Thanks for the information .Could you please send me the .xmal code .Because I tried with the steps you mentioned above.I am not able to execute the code.So,please send me the code.

I want to fetch details of remaining column details i.e I mean when we login to the site .I want the email ids of faculty and their phone numbers should directly fetch to the remaining columns of excel sheet of the attached excel sheet Chennai