DataBase vs Excel(or other file type like xml or txt)


I have few questions about the diffrence between reading parameter from a database or an Excel file (or any other file type like xml or txt).
Is it better to get the configuration parameters directly from an excel file or from a database table ?
In terms of performance which one is better ?
Which one is more adequat with UiPath best practices ?


Hi Ahmed,
Getting Parameters from database is somewhat risky it may interrupt some data(DB is used to store the operational data), so from my side better to get parameters from excel (workbook), so no need to logon everytime in DB, you can get your parameters from your local application.

@GANESH_BALAGAM Thanks for your reply.
What are the risks that may occur when getting parameters from a database and is it possible to connect one time to the database and keep doing some operations (execute queries) in the rest of the workflow ?

Have a nice day.

When the bot processing the data in that same DB table, At that time you are using that it may got disturbed. It may take More time to execute or it stops execution.


Hi @ahmed.alakhal-benltaifa,

Both approaches, reading configuration parameters from a database or an Excel file, have their advantages and disadvantages.

  • Reading configuration parameters from a database has the advantage of providing a centralized and secure location for storing the data. It also allows for easy management and updating of the data, since it can be done directly in the database. Additionally, database systems often provide advanced features for managing and manipulating data, such as indexing and searching, that can improve performance.

  • On the other hand, reading configuration parameters from an Excel file (or any other file type) provides a more lightweight and flexible solution. Excel files are easy to manage and edit, and can be easily shared across different teams and environments. However, this approach can result in data duplication and potential data inconsistencies, especially if multiple copies of the file are being used.

  • In terms of performance, reading configuration parameters from a database can be faster in some cases, especially when dealing with large amounts of data. Database systems are optimized for querying and indexing large datasets, and can often provide faster access times than reading from a file. However, the performance difference between the two approaches may not be significant for small to medium-sized datasets.

In terms of UiPath best practices, both approaches can be used effectively, depending on the specific requirements of the project. The choice between the two will depend on factors such as the size and complexity of the data, the security and compliance requirements, and the availability of resources and infrastructure. Ultimately, the best practice is to choose an approach that is most appropriate for the specific use case, and that can be implemented and maintained effectively over time.

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