Which Config file preferences do you have? Which best practices/ methods do you use?

So I have been checking out some different methods to grasp data such as URL, path, etcetera from a config file (without the use of Orchestrator). When I was using AA I would get it the data from a .txt which I had encrypted. My goal is to stay as close to the source as possible. What are your best practices towards this? Looking forward to be inspired.

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You can use excel+dictionary combination, mtn the configurations in an excel, at the beginning read the excel t& store the config in a dictionary. You can pass the dict to child workflows easily.

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Could you please provide sample workflow to fetch data from config file and used in further process.

@skini76: This is kind of what I use now. What do you specifically mean with the dictionary combination. Can you give an example just to get on the same page?

I use an encoded Excel file and then assign the values to the variables. I am aiming to encrypt it as well so I first need to decrypt it. So pretty much it is like this:
Decrypt an Excel file > Unlock the Excel file > Assign values to given variables (uncertain about the best approach towards this) > Encrypt the Excel file

@Rup_1: Will this work for you?

refer the attached excel and worklfow

Parameters.xaml (9.9 KB)
Parameters.xlsx (9.2 KB)

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I am getting the following within the body.

It looks really nice actually. It’s more has a deeper level of details then mine. I don’t have “CaptureScreenShot” etcetera but I really like the idea!

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Column A is key and column B is value


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It seems that you have used a package for the “Add to dictionary” function.
If so, can you please tell me which one it is?
I have installed all of them available with the word “dictionary”.

Thank you in advance.

(I’m using the 2018.3.1 version, Enterprise Edition)

Even I don’t remember which one, so sharing the screen shot of packages installed.



Hahaha I can imagine! I found I would do them one by one so others would be able to use it as well. Had a match on the first try :smiley:

Thanks a lot @skini76!

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most welcome

Take a look at the UiPath RE Framework.
They use a Excel & Dictionary combo like skini76 suggested. You’ll find it in the Init state machine.

I took the config part of their framework when developing my own.

Another approach i am pursuing is having a ‘global’ config which will be stored in a central location with a marker/trigger to switch between global and local (on the local machine in the project folder) for testing purposes.


That’s a clever solution as well! Thank you for your input!