Excel vs JSON file for initial config

Hi devs, I want to know what’s the difference of charge the setting from an excel file vs a JSON file? More exactly I need the best practices for, performance, usability, and complexibility.

I would say excel has the advantage to be easier to understand by non technical users (From both development and users perspective) and will be able to be formatted.
Excel is also the ReFramework standard
JSON does not require to have excel installed to be able to edit the file.

If the excel installation is just a formality for your environment, I would say gogo excel



From Developers perspective JSON is blessing, as these days many https request/response are in JSON. At the same time Excel is one of the most powerful CRM and has it’s own perks!

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thanks for the answer

hi… any sample automation available with the usage of json/xml file as config… I would like to know how we can call values from json config file into the code.

By excel we can use dictionary…how we can do the same with json/xml?