Storing huge excel file in database

Hi everyone,

i have a excel file with more than 100,000 lines and i need to handle each row, the problem is that i tried with datatables and looping with the foreach row activity but crashes or taking hours to complete the exec(btw the read range activity works fastly so the problem inside the loop process). In various topics i found that the solution might be in using database, my question is is it the solution? if yes how can i use it?
thanks for the help,

Once you read the data using read range
it will be same as u fetch data from database and store in a variable

Time for Fetching of data from excel and database will be differ

i’m sorry i didn’t get it perfectly, but if im not wrong using database instead excel to manipulate huge number of lines can solve this never end execution time?

@Aymen_Ftiti, yeah a database might work better,

how are you manipulating the data, i mean are you comparing it or performing calculations? what i am getting at is, you can just write a VBA Macro for quick manipulation instead of trying to do it with UiPath DataTables.

yeah for example 2 foreach activity one inside the other, comparing a cell in a line with the others in the lines of the second foreach and if the condition is true store that line in a datatable, i might perform some calculations inside it as well,
if you can tell me how i can use a database as well and thanks again