Database supporting the UiPath

hello, can I know what the database can combine with UiPath for:

  1. From the unread message
  2. The UiPath will send the message to the excel
  3. Then, it will filter out (with few modules in SAP like finance, etc)
  4. Then Send to the assign people

Yah it’s possible to combine database to uipath by installing packages uipath.Database.Activities

Kindly elaborate this what does it mean

Yah using activity EXECUTE under database activities will give us a datatable variable as output which can be written to a excel with write range activity

Yah that’s possible bud kindly elaborate a bit more in what to be done

Yah with send outlook mail activity we can send the mail with file by passing the file path to attach file property in it

Hope this would help you
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @f39b242a4f84ba555bd3


Currently, I am filter the table in excel by using a keyword.

but, i want to try either the message from inbox can detect the message specifically by using any software or language.

For example, in SAP there are a lot of modules. So, with the sending an email, the software can detect which the module. Is it possible?

Thank you.