Is There an option In UiPath to convert Excel file into a database

I wish to know if there is an option in Uipath where I can convert my Excel file into a database and from where I can manipulate the data by queries.

Hi absam,

You can use Read Workbook activity to read your excel file which will store in a data table
Then you can use linq queries to extract the information in data table
Move the data table to SQL and do the manipulations using SQL commands

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See I was wondering if there is an Option to convert Excel using OLEDB driver and then write query for it. As you can do in other RPA tool

Hi @absam

You can read the data into a datatable using read range and write the full datatable as a bulk to database table using UiPath.database activities through the OLEDB driver. Once written into the table, then you can use the same activity pack to get results out of the table using queries