Database connection error

While connecting database with configure connection. I am not able to login with user root for sql authentication. following error occur.

Hi Swapnali,

If you have SSMS installed, try to login form the same credentials in SSMS to check if the credentials are working.

Select appropriate server and authentication type.


@RupeshGonte I don’t have SSMS. I have sql server workbench.

Yes @swapnali1, you can try from that too. Just check if the credentials are working there.

@swapnali1 Follow steps from below link

@indra link which you provide it is for windows authentication not for sql server authentication.
Thnak you.

Hello there

The “Error 18456” can be understood better if you have state code. For example SQL Server error 18456, state 2 is related with “Invalid user ID”

Every state code has a reason. Check the following blog for better understanding.

I cant link a blog for better understanding