Connect Activity

Hello, I know this is a simplistic request. But I cannot get UIPATH to give me a Connect activity. Is there somewhere that I need to go to get this? I don’t seem to have it. It may be locked down by my organization, but I am not sure.

Hi @sjshuster,
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I’m not sure about which exact activity are you asking. Can you tell me what is the thing you want to achieve with it?

I am looking to connect UIPATH to a SQL Server. I did some research and came across the following link about it: Connect to SQL Database - UiPath - Help - UiPath Community Forum

However, when I go to type Connect in my activity screen, I don’t have a connect. Could my organization locked me out of this feature?

Do you have UiPath.Database.Activities package installed in your project?

Thank you for that. I did not. Something so simple, but needed!

Have a great day Pawel!

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