How can we increase SQL connecton time in uipath?

Hi All,
I am working on sql database using Uipath, my problem is I am getting time out error while querying to database, actually some Query is taking more time almost 2-3 hours.

can any one help me on this, I already tried to increate time out in connection string but its not working.

Thanks in Advance.

What all activities are you using from database… if possible use activities like Connect under Database and then pass connection string to execute query and at the last disconnect it…

Hi Thanks for reply,
I am using below activity
1. Connect Activity ( here connection string is written and also try to increase connection timeout here)
2. Execute non query Activity. (here using query that taking more time around (1-2 hr)
if you have any example that would help a lot.



If are establishing the connection string at the start… save it to variable/argument and use Connect activity again over Execute non query activity…

I am already doing what u suggesting, however when I am Executing the query its take time and throwing error like time out expire.

query is executing at least 3-5 min. actually there is huge data processing.

Since the query is takig so long which will obviously take a toll on DB, why don’t you change the timeout settings on the Sql Server itself? Did you try to change this?

Yes, it already there in SQL Setting.
below is the error that I am getting.

Execute query : Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding

Have you tried this?

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its not working

Please refer below link and make sure you have the settings intact. I had this issue in VS 2008 a while ago and this link resolved my issue. Hope it helps.

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Thank you for this. This worked for me!

Has this worked for anyone?