Database Connect Activity Timing Out/ Irregular connection timing

Hey guys, we’ve been having issues with the Database Connect activity basically not connecting into the SQL server and timing out. Currently we have the timeout set to up to 5 minutes, but there’s been issues with the bot just not seeming to send a signal to the SQL server in a consistent manner or in a timely manner.

We’ve been able to confirm that the Connect Activity is the one that is having issue, again it may connect in 30 seconds or may timeout after multiple 5 minute attempts, when it does do that we’ve traced it and it is not like the bot is talking to the server over that course of time, it literally seems to do nothing for lets say the minute and a half and then finally sends a connection to the server and gets in.

Wanted to see if others have dealt with similar issues, or had solutions. This is not tied to queues, it is setup in the bot with a basic Connect > Query > Disconnect process.