[Data Service] How to add value to variable in uipath studio

Hi all,

  • I am wondering if it is possible to put all the values ​​in a variable of type DataService in 1 Assign?

  • I have a variable “Data” type “Test_DataService.Test

  • I don’t want to add value:

Data.NameFolder = CurrentRow(0).ToString


  • I want to add value

Data = CurrentRow(0).ToString,CurrentRow(1).ToString,CurrentRow(2).ToString

  • But I don’t know how to do it, Can you help me.

  • Thanks all.

Hello @Anh_Tuan

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Please check the below post.


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hi @Anh_Tuan

  1. initialize myVariable
    myVariable = new Dictionary(Of String,String)

2. assign myVariable("RANKED") = "ONE"

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