Get Data from a Choice Set in Data Service to put through to a Drop Down in Ui Path Apps?

Hi there,

I have set up a drop down control in Ui Path Apps and want this to display all the individual items I have in a choice set in data service - does anyone know how I would do this?

The reason you’re having trouble with this is that it hasn’t shipped yet, we’re working on it right now! It should be available to community members in the second half of Feb. If you need this functionality right now then you can always use a small process intermediary process to fetch the options as a short-term workaround.

Any update on this one, keen to use this in my apps

Hey guys, I am currently using this functionality.

Here’s a helpful link Using Apps with Data Service (

What I do is pictured below. The Sort part is extra because I want the items listed in Ascending order by the .Name. I hope it makes sense.

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