Uipath Apps : Data service

I want to select a country name from the dropdown which I have already created and connected with the data service.
I want that When I select a country name from the drop down it will show me the output in the 4 fields which are region, Population in thousands, surface area, economy agriculture.
The data is stored into the data service already.

How can I do that?
Can anyone help me in this regarding ?

Is all the data part of the same entity?
Then you can use “Set Value” activity in the “Clicked On” event of the Search button. You can set the value of the 4 fields to the specific columns of the data entity


Let me know if this helps.


Can you tell me how can I set the condition in the set value ?

Click on the edit rule button. In the next window add the Set Value activity (this is similar to the assign activity used in Studio).


What is “Items to set” and “Value” ?