Need to bulk add choice set value from csv file to Data service using Studio

Hi Team,

I have an Entity in Data Service Which has fields with different type, PFB the Screenshot for reference,

I need to bulk update data to this entity from a csv file, I am aware of adding data of type Number, Test, Yes/No. But need to know how to add value for Choice set along with other types.

Hi @Dharunya_Devi,

I would recommend first setting variables equal to combinations of choice sets that you are going to need (or just one choice set value if multiple selections are not allowed). This can be done by setting variable(s) to the variable type ISet and assigning them to these combinations.

After that, I would query entity records based upon choice sets combinations. Then run a for each loop and use the assign activity to assign the record choice set field to the desired combination. Then use the Update Multiple Entity Records and input the newly updated record list to the input argument and should update all the records in the query with the respective choice set values.

Please let me know if this helps!