Data Service columns missing in Events

I am attempting a somewhat complicated App using Data Services - I know it’s in early preview, but I was hoping I could start development.

Several issues have occured, some are a bit obscure, but one thing seems like an actual bug:
I want to do a filter on a Data Entity, as an event, to save the result of one columns of the entity in a variable, to use in a different filter. I’ve been trying to do it all in a single onliner, but it doesn’t work and it’s impossible to debug. So, variables to the rescue.

I am unable to setup a filter in the event, as I cannot open the entities to display the columns for filtering.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create an app
  2. Create some data entity in Data Service with a few columns
  3. Add the entity to your app
  4. Add a button
  5. Open the interface for an event (click lightning-arrow on element or Events>Create Rule)
  6. Add a Set Value event to the thing
  7. In Value, write =
  8. Look for the entity in the opened menu
  9. Press the little > next to the entity, which should open the columns of the entity. It doesn’t.