Data scrapping with same column name

Hello, I am Data Scraping a table in a program, but there 2 columns having the name ‘Ligne’. I only need the first column but what happenings now is that the first column get replaced by the second.

Is there a ways to use Data Scraping to get only the first 3 columns and ignore the rest? Or any others possible solution to this problem.



Can you share us the sample screen of the table and output?


Sadly I can’t as even in DEV, the information still must be protected.

But it’s just a normal table, just as fake ex:

ID Name          Surname    LastName    Surname
1   Alexandre   Alex            Duchenes    Alexi

so in this case, the column that cause a trouble would be Surname, as the outpout would be:

ID Name Surname LastName
1 Alexandre Alexi Duchenes

and the information I actually need, is the first Surname column, so “Alex”

Instead of grapping the entire table at once you can configure the datascraping column wise.
Nein = No

Within the configuration Process the columnname can be configured manually

Extract correlated Data will be used for defiing the next column

I don’t have that question, when I use “Data Scraping” and select a column in the table, it’s just select the whole table without asking any further question, it’s get me to preview data page and the “Extract Correlated Data” button don’t exist there :frowning: