Coping Table in Data Scraping

Dear All
Using Data Scraping I copied a Table which have 4 columns.
Table Image is attached…
But I need to copy only 2 columns(Column-0 and Column-1) of that table to an Excel.
How I can achieve this…??


Store above output in dataTable and say DT.

newDT = dataTable.Defaultview.ToTable(False,“Column-0”,“Column-1”).CopyToDataTable


“Store above output in dataTable” means i have to create new DataTable variable and store it

Can you explain little more


Yes, Data scraping activity will give you output as dataTable.

Yes, you need to create new data table called newDT and result of the above value will get copied to the new data table DT,

Hi @prasad555

I have created workflow based on your requirement before running that application open this
URL “ACME System 1 - Log In” and run here i extract total six columns finally
i save into excel first two columns. (143.8 KB)

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Dear kommijeevan
Thank u very much…its working…:+1:

That’s sounds great, please also make sure to mark my answer as the solution.

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