Data Scrapping - scrape and append to specific cell & next page issue

Hi All,

  1. I am running into an issue which is when i try to append the scrapped data at specific mentioned cell in an excel.

  2. Also, when scrapping data, for certain time I might have next page to scrap but sometimes don’t. So that part it throw an error. How do i solve this issue?

Hope anyone could help me out from this. Your help would be highly appreciated.

can you send your flow…

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AR_Reweight (368.0 KB)

Attached the file. I hope you could help me. I’m trying to figure this out for past 2 days.

Now - from the scraped data table, I want to add a additional column just to input invoice number which is looped (variable name: awbNo) to all rows in scrapped data. And then paste the data to a specific cell in specific sheet. After that - go to next looping invoice number.

Waiting for your reply. Thanks

Hi @Serran_Neru

  1. What is the issue? Do you get a specific error?

  2. You could use a condition/flow decision before scraping: if Element exists(the “Next page” button), indicate in Extract structured data activity the “NextLinkSelector” in Properties. Else, you leave it blank.

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The Zip file don’t have any Pdf files… so send the pdf file…and Xlsx file

Do you mean type like this into NextLinkSelector field?


Reweight (8.6 KB)

Here you go. Attached the xlsx file. I don’t have any PDF in my project. The scraped data are from a web page. Please let me know if you need further clarification.

Like this:


The Webpage is not open…in my system

Unfortunately, the website that I am extracting data from is a private site unique to my company only.

However, I able to to fix point number 1. But due to next page selector. It thrown an error as “object reference not set to an instance of an object” when it write range.

If I remove next page selector, I able to write range.

Do you have any idea for this?