Duplicate scrap data only for first page search results

Hi guys,

Problem description:
I used extract structured data activity for multiple pages, but extract structured data activity output the same datatable 3 times for first page. For page 2~8, it worked normally

Details screenshot for my active

I have tried below but not sovle this problem:

  1. add delay active before Extract Structured Data,
    use append range active save datatable to excel,
    open excel after excutioin ended, I found datatable for first page append 3 times in excel
  2. Use write range instead of append range, but data will be overwrite

Could anyone have suggestion for this situation or any update for Extract Structured Data active will be very appreciate !!! :cry:

Hi, Can you please attach sceenshot again, it seems it got corrupted…

Hi , thanks for your reply
here is my screenshot:

any orhter information if you needed please let me know~

Hi @RobotSJ ,

Before writing the ExtractDataTable to Excel .
Can you please get a Rowcount of DataTable Items using an assign in a MessageBox
Validate if the above count is correct.- Just Wanted to see - If ExtractedData is Giving wrong numbers or excel is pasting wrong data.

Also, I can see ContinueOnError set to True - Can you ake it false and then try Since there might be some exception in Extraction taht we are ignoring…


@mukeshkala , hope you still there~

I just tried followed your suggestions, details in below:

as the output message, total rows in website is 183, but I got 283 in my result excel.

in the excel, first page data is duplicate, refer below:

Also open the DevTools in chrome, and get each page data with Javascript code, data total number is 50,50,50,50(17 empty)

@mukeshkala, to clearify, I do not use NextLinkSelector property for Extract Structured Data active, is this could be the root cause?

I use simulate click go to the next page.

I think the red part in below screenshot should be 50, am I right?

Yes , As we can see - The issue is not with pasting - the Extracted Data Count itself is 283.

50 + 100 + 100 + 33.

You can manually count the Row and verify if the above numbers are correct.


Hi , @mukeshkala

I checked result excel manually, as website display 50 rows per page, so I search first record in excel for each page, and I found:

page 1 wrote 3 times(50+50+50),
page 2 wrote 2 times(50+50),
page 4 wrote 1 times(33),

and page 3 not extract,

But it actullay click the next page and excute with no error message -,-
Any idea will be greatfull~

Root cause is:

  1. Data scraping not work; solved this issue by upgrade package in studio;
  2. Not change MaxNumberOfResults in properties panel; solved this by change this properties to 200.

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