Data scrapping multiple pages

I was data scrapping flight details. I started on May14th and extracted relevant data and the end when it asks for multiple pages I clicked on May15th . It worked fine and it started extracting day 2 day and kept on going, but I what I really want is to extract only say for example for the next 10 days. how do I do that?

Hi @xyzxyz_123
which data u need to scrap?

I want to scrap from Mumbai to bangalore May14th to may20th or May21st. I just want to know whether we could do for specific next 10 or 5 pages until the end.

Hi @xyzxyz_123
check this workflow
Main.xaml (14.1 KB)

here i had provided to extract the details of 10 days

but u can edit it by changing the below numerical value
Just change the while loop condition according to the input

if u need to extract for 5 days use count<5 like that…

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Nived N
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Thank you my friend …

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Mark it as solution if it works for you

Could you suggest a book for a beginner and to one who eventually wants to change a career into RPA ?

Hi @xyzxyz_123

I didn’t find any books related to RPA

But u can find a lot of YouTube videos on the career change to RPA