Data scrapping is not extracting all right answers

Hello Guys,

Im working on web page, trying to get all right answers of a Quiz using Data Scrapping wizard.
The problem im facing is that some questions has more than one right answer, so the Data Scrapping is taking just the first answer found.

Any suggestions to fix this issue?

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how are you defining which answer is right or not?

The right answer is colored with green

I am taking about in UiPath studio how are you defining?


Im taking just the green ones

an other information this is the extracted metaData:

Hi @hhajar ,

I’ve a question since there’s a “class” which has “answerCorrect”. Why don’t u edit ur data scraping selector to get all ones with “answerCorrect” ?

The problem as I mentionned, there is some question which has more than one correct answer

so my goal is to get all these right answers.

Could you please share the URL of the site?

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And those are steps follewed by Bot to get Right Answers:

@hhajar I am working on the process will share the XAML file soon


@hhajar Do you want to store the answers in an Excel sheet?

Yes exactly

@hhajar Got it

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@MartianxSpace Any news for the problem? did you find something?

I have built the process and i am getting the correct answers as well but one problem is I am getting 2 to 3 copies of the same answer because of counter. I am working on it to solve the issue



I think these copies of answers has a solution by using remove duplicate right?

@MartianxSpace No news for the issue?