Extract multi-correct answers

Hi all,

I am trying to extract the multi-correct answer for a requirement. If it is having a green tick mark then the answer is correct else it is wrong. We need to fetch all the answers having green tick. But I am getting multiple selector found issue. I am unable to identify the correct answer using the green tick mark uniquely.
Only in the Innerhtml properties of the selector there is a difference between the attributes but I am not sure how to use the Innerhtml property and differentiate.


Could anyone Please help me here?

Hi @Shivani_Sama

Could you please share the UI Explorer window when indicating the UI Element


Can you open the green tick selector in UiExplorer and check?


Hi @Shivani_Sama

This looks like a Structured Data to me, can you try scraping the data from the page, that might work.


Hi @mkankatala, below is the UI Explorer window of the Green Tick element

Hi @Srini84, I have checked the UiExplorer but am not able to identify the Green tick element uniquely. Do you have any idea on what other methods we can follow?

Hi @adiijaiin, I need only the correct answers here(that are mapped with Green tick). Using data scraping will extract all the options. Is there any way we can differentiate between the correct and Incorrect answers while data scraping too?

Hi @Shivani_Sama

You can use filter after extracting. There should be some differentiation between tick and cross when we are extracting.
It might be in the class attribute or style attribute.

I can see that in the class element it says wd-icon-check- some thing some thing.

You can use that class attribute to get the correct answers.