Data scrapping into excel


I am looking to extract data into an excel document, however when using data scrapping UiPath is not able to identify the entire row to extract data. Although it scraps the data it is in no logical order and with no separations of the rows of data. Some entire sections are selectable but not in an effective way and the text is selectable.

I am looking to data scrap the data in rows into excel. please see below for a screen shot of the system in question.

As you can see each row that has a date should all be in one row in excel spreadsheet.

if anyone can please id greatly appreciate it


The structure of your data will likely require additional knowledge of VB.Net, as it will take clever manipulation of the datatable, or will require use of another method for scraping the data. At a glance, I think this can still be done with a datatable as long as all of the data is being pulled (even if not organized).

That said, if you have any way to export this data to Excel or a CSV, it will become much easier to process.

Hi @nick.v,

If that’s an excel does read range activity doesn’t work?

Hi @Anthony_Humphries thank you for your response, yes there is a way to export the data as a PDF however some of the data goes missing when using this method so we are trying to avoid using export to PDF.

At the minute these solutions are not feesable, does anyone else have viable solution that would help me without needing such coding?

I would very much appreciate the help

Hi @nick.v
Did you try:

  1. OCR to read?
  2. ComputerVision to read - may be it will detect a row, because it has a Green background?
  3. One direction could be to use Find Image (image of the check box in front of the row), and then play it from there - this will be complicated.