Data scrapping for multiple records

Hello All, I am working on a process for Data Scrapping.

Task Description: On some particular web page one table is having multiple records out of which I want to select the particular record which matches the selection criterion by clicking on Select button next to it. (Please find below image for reference)

Approach: By Using Data Scraping I am able to read the data which are available on Page No. 1


  1. This web page is not having NEXT Button to go to next page to read out all the records. How can I read and store all records?


  1. After reading all records, say if the matched record is available on page no 5 then how to define the selectors for Select button to select that particular record.


Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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  1. By default you are on Page 1. So get the selector for next page that is Page 2 using UI Explorer. Make the selector dynamic using a variable which contains page number. Increment the variable every time you find the next page.

Use Element Exists → to find out if page exists or not. If exists scrape the data. Else you are done with scraping.

  1. Instead of scraping all the data at once. Scrape one page and look for matched records. If found, click on select and do what is required. And then move to next page as said in the Step 1.

Karthik Byggari

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Thanks @KarthikByggari and @Teja_L for your time and replies,

I’am trying with the provided suggestions.
let’s see if it works out.


Hi @KarthikByggari, @Teja_L

I’ve followed the option which you have mentioned to fetch the data correspondingly by opening every page using its link one by one.

in this scenario, the web page is having proper selectors for Page 1 & 2 out of 4 pages, but for Page 3 & 4, Uipath is not able to recognize selectors by indicating to the page no. 3 & 4. (Please refer below screen shot for reference)

Page No 1:


Corresponding Selector for Page 1:

<html app=‘chrome.exe’/>

<webctrl id=‘appContent’ tag=‘IFRAME’ />

<webctrl aaname=‘3’ idx=‘1’ tag=‘SPAN’ />

Page No 2:


Corresponding Selector for Page 2:

<html app=‘chrome.exe’/>

<webctrl id=‘appContent’ tag=‘IFRAME’ />

<webctrl aaname=‘4’ idx=‘1’ tag=‘SPAN’ />

I am not finding any selectors for Page 3 & 4

Page No 3:


Page No 4:


I’ve tried making the selector dynamic as well but it is working for page 1 & 2 only.

Can you please suggest what can be the best way to resolve the above issue.

I think those selectors for 3rd and 4th page (based on aaname). can you share the url which you are using for data scrapping.

I am really sorry @Teja_L but I can’t share the URL as per the confidentiality.

I’ve tried by removing aaname using UI Explorer as well and by increment the variable to get next page, it is working upto page no 1&2, but not for 3&4.

@kgmaheshwari If you are not getting, then just assign page number to a variable and increment that value till the last page by checking.