Data Scraping

How to extract data from an web Page by accessing multiple links.

Use webscarpping method to scrap the data from the website ,you can also fetch hyper links of url.
You can keep all the links in csv or excel file and loop through each link

web scraping and data scraping both are same or different. I am using trail version, i can see data scraping wizard but not web scraping wizard.

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As I know data scraping is extracting structured data from webpage…please visite below

Webscrping is fetching all kinds of data from website…
@ddpadil pls correct me if I am wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

Both are same there is no difference.
Data scraping is to extract tabular data .It can be web or file…etc.
You can make use of Screen Scrapping to extract other info from web,app,citrix …etc

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Data Scrapping:

Data scraping enables you to extract structured data from your browser to a database, .csv file or even Excel spreadsheet.

Structured data is a specific kind of information that is highly organized and is presented in a predictable pattern. For example, all Google search results have the same structure (a link at the top, a string of the URL and a description of the web page), which enables Studio to easily extract the information, as it always knows where to find it.

Data scraping always generates a container (Attach Browser or Attach Window) with a selector for the top-level window and an Extract Structured Data activity with a partial selector, thus ensuring a correct identification of the page to be scraped.

Additionally, the Extract Structured Data activity also comes with an automatically generated XML string (in the ExtractMetadata property) that indicates the data to be extracted.

all the scraped information is stored in a Data Table variable, that you can later use to populate a database, a .csv file or an Excel spreadsheet

Web Data Extraction/ Web Scrapping: -



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Can Any one help me in Scraping Images as well as other datas. I’m Scrapping datas from a website , But I can’t Scrap the Images. When I’m Exporting to CSV Other datas excluding Images are present. Actually I’m a new commer in thid RPA Industry . Kindly guide me And Sugesst me the Steps to Automate .


below is the tutorial,



follow the below ,