Extract DataTable Time Issue

Hii everyone,

On a web page I have a table of 30 columns and multiple pages .

Time taken for the uipath to extract the data is too long…
How to overcome the problem
When observed on the web page the pages are going from 1 to 4
But when it as page 4 ,it is taken too long,not even giving output uipath is in running mode.


Can you check the properties of extract data table activity - delay between pages, wait for ready etc.,

Please tune the properties and also check if the web page loading time is high. May be UIPath is waiting until the page loads.

Karthik Byggari

Hi @KarthikByggari

Its not working
Is there any way other than datascrapping in uipath


The other way is to scrap page by page.

Goto first page
scrape first page
Click on next page
Scrape the next page and append data to the first data table.

Do this until the last page.

Check if this improves scraping the data.

Karthik Byggari