Data Scraping - Slow when using NextLinkSelector

Hi everyone,

I’m new to UiPath and hoping you can help me with this issue.

The thing is that I’m using data scraping to collect data from a table online. Sometimes the page will consist of several pages and so I have enabled the NextLinkSelector. That results the data scraping to slow down and it takes about 10 seconds or more per page to collect the data.

I have already tried to select “None” and “Interactive” in WaitForReady and that changes nothing.

Is there something I’m missing? Something I can do to make it as fast as without the NextPageSelector?

Thanks in advance.

This is because if you look into the property “continue on error”= true in this activity when you scrap database because when it reaches to last page it doen’t find the next button because the button become disable so it does not give error and scrap the data.

what you do is to make it fast by setting the timeout value set it to require time like 2 sec or 3 sec that will speed up the scraping.

hope it will work

Yes that works! Thank you so much.

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No problem :slight_smile:

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