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I am new to UiPath and I’m having some difficulties with my Data Scraping. When i scrape data from https://hinta.fi/haku?q=sony and I want to scrape it from multiple pages, my NextLinkSelector gets stuck on a loop and goes between 1st and 2nd page. I.e 1->2->1->2 until the max amount is filled.
My NextLinkSelector looks like this:

webctrl aaname=‘Sivu *, tuotteet * - *.’ idx=‘2’ parentid=‘hvjs–toolbar-bottom’ tag=‘A’

How should I do it so that it keeps going up in pages until the wanted amount of items are filled?

Hi @Domuki, welcome to forum

Use next link selector as

<webctrl isleaf='1' parentid='hvjs--toolbar' tag='SPAN' idx='3' />

It is working fine

Please check and if it works mark it as solution


Nived N
Happy automation

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