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Hi, where I was to do data scraping. But it is not able to fetch like missing some of the items while scraping. Is there anyway that we can extract each and every thing . Below is the image reference.

Hey @Pushpendra_kowthavarapu , would you please let us know which activity you are using for data scraping/extraction?

Hi @Muhammad_Anas_Baloch , I am using Table extraction option.

Set the property “wait for page load” of Extract Table data to complete and make sure the selectors are correct in Extract metadata. If you’re collecting the data from multiple pages make sure the add a 5-10 secs delay in the “Delay between pages” property.

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But still missing some of the data. Is it may be bot unable to find the structure?

Hi, Could you please try changing the metadata? From your screenshot, I see 34 and 39 are empty as for those two items the meta data is different than the rest.


Hi Gayathri, thanks for the reply. Can you please help me with the syntax that has to iterate the each Excel cell.

  1. Read the excel file usinh Read Range Activity and store it as a data table in the output
  2. Use for each row activity to iterate through each row in the data table.


In the
Extracted Data Table find the property “Wait for page load” and set it to complete. This should resolve your issue,

But if the structure misses then also it’s going to fail of getting some data right.

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