Data Scraping element not working

Dear Community,

I am trying to extract data from a Website ( I follow the instruction on the Wizard Data Scraping and while following the instruction the website seems to be working, but the moment I try to rerun the process I get this error: Extract Structured Data ‘TD’: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector: .
I have tried to play around with the selector but it doesn`t work. Any ideas?
Any help is highly appreciated!

Well, i am able to detect data from this site.

This is the selector which i used to find the text.

You need to install google chrome extension for this.

I am using Internet explorer…do you think that is the issue?

the thing is when using the wizard I can aslo detect the data but then I can`t anymore.

both IE and chrome should work.

Run the data scraping wizard twice.
Refresh the page before running the scraping wizard the next time.

If there is a difference it will show up between your two tries.

Sometimes, you might be grabbing extra table header elements or styling attributes that change slightly each time a page refreshes and results change.

Example, if the results are sorted differently, the sort styling on that column might change .