Data Scraping is not giving the complete data in web application

I am trying to read the data using data scraping activity, but it giving only certain column data and ignoring rest. (Ex: if there are 20 columns, extracting data only for 10 columns ) Highlighted the row in screenshot.
And every time it will be only one row. Any alternatives or suggestions will be helpful


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This can happen in certain applications when columns/rows are not visible…

Reasons for this can be (but are not limited to):

  • Fields are not part of a table structure
  • Images in the table
  • Multiple tables on the page

It’s best to use the UI Explorer to find out how the data is structured in order to determine a good workaround. For example, if there are multiple tables, you can extract both tables and merge them. If there are images, an OCR activity may be necessary. If the data is not in a table structure, you may find an index to iterate over to get the data.

Unfortunately, there is no easy solution to getting the data in cases like these.