Data Scraping functionality is not working on Excel table

When i used Data Scraping functionality to extract data from Excel table, it is extracted null values but number of rows extracted expected and data is not extract in column.
Below is the screen shots.

What is the requirement to get the data from excel
Could you Please elabroate.

I need to extract the data from that table and compare with other field name if its matched, then i need to double click on the row from this table( above highlighted in RED ) .

Ex: if ageFactor is matched with my comparision, then double click on ageFactor row.

hi @narasareddykr

Why are we not using Execel Application Scope to Get the Data

I have the below sample excel with Table


i Used Excel application scope and got the Data in DataTable using ReadRange Activity


My suggestion is that you could read the first set data and stored in data table followed by the second set of data and stored in data table then use two for each row for getting matching value by adding if condition inside for each based on the field name.
once you get exact value then try to field that value in the row-based data.