Data Scraping from pop up web page

Hi at all
i want to scraping a webpage that have a list of data place in rows and, at every rows (that containt a link) i want to click it to open the popup page, scrape the data inside the popup and then close the page and go ahead with the next row for the scraping

how i can do this ? because the datascarping wizard don’t permit this thing

I attach an image for explain that better

here’s the link to the webpage i want to scrape

What browser you are using… if you use google chrome then use UiPath google extension.

Hi @Filippo_Peron
After installing the plugin
you need to click on magnifying class and then scrap the data by using Get Attribute based on while condition and extract the data

based on regex you can retrieve

Ashwin S

Thank you for your answer, but i’m a rookie in programming, and i don’t understand what i need to do.

The only thing i can do right now, is use the data scraping wizard, but for this particular case i don’t know how it use, because i need to open the link at every row, and scraping the popup and close it and switch to next row, and in the end, clicking to next page (continuing with the scraping for every pop up for every row) until the data results end up.

Can you show me specifically how i need to do ? please ?

Any chance someone could elaborate on this? I have the chrome extension installed but i cannot find ‘Get Attribute based on while condition’ in UiPath’ or find the magnifying glass… I don’t want spoon feeding the answer, just a point in the right direction… :slight_smile: