How to handle a pop up during Data scraping spanning multiple pages

Hi ,

I’m trying to read the column value from a table in Web browser based on the search result from the previous screen.

There are instances when the results span multiple pages and I have to use Get next in the bottom of the screen to go to the next page .

Currently I’m using Data scraping to read the value. The problem is I get a pop up when selecting get next . Once I select Ok , I’m able to navigate to the next page .

Is there a way I can incorporate a pop up in data scraping . It will be great if you can provide some solution to overcome this issue .

Thanks for the help .

Hi @Lakshmi21,

Please see if descriptions and sample project available on below link helps.


I think you’ll have to do it this way.

Create two datatables. We’ll call them sourceDT and finalDT.

  1. scrape one page of data into sourceDT, do not give the data scraping the “Next” selector
  2. merge sourceDT into finalDT
  3. click Next
  4. click the popup, start over at step 1

Thank you Sonali

Thank you Paul