Data Scraping from a chat conversation

I want to extract messages from a chat conversation , i have done that using data scraping activity , and i put the extracted messages in an excel file.
Every thing is working fine , except that it takes too much time to extract and write in the excel file.
Have any one an idea how to minimize the delay ?

Hi @teyssir

You would need to provide a bit more information about the activities you are using. Which part of the process is taking too much time? Is it because there is a lot of messages to be extracted first?
How long is “too much time”?

Hi @loginerror
yes , it is because there is a lot of messages to be extracted and written in the excel file.
it takes like One minute t do that.
is there any idea on how to solve that ?

As far as writing to the Excel file, it depends. If you happen to use the Workbook excel activity with a large amount of data, it might be faster to actually use the Excel Application Scope instead to do it.

As far as the extraction is concerned, I am afraid there is not much to be done here. There is 1 timeout setting in the Extract Structured Data activity, but I am not sure if relevant for you (whether you have any pages to go through):

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Thank you @loginerror

Hello @loginerror , i have tried to change the timeout but that is not working ,
i want to minimize the amount of pages to go through, but my problem is that i need to start from the bottom , because i need only the last line every time

Hi there bro
Hope u r fine
Actually my question is that i want to extract chat from messenger of my facebook page
so can u tell me how did u extracted urs