Data scraping from bottom to top

Hello all,

how can I doing the data scraping form bottom to top ?

Hi, @acheksan,
:roll_eyes: In a normal way you can use it in a top to bottom but you need to do the data scraping from bottom to top right?
I don’t think that it is a appropriate answer, but You can try with edit the Data definition after the Data scraping Perform. Make that script as a descender order then it would work fine, otherwise, I think, Normally, you only able to do the data scraping from the top to bottom.
Plz go through this:-

Baisil G

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Thank you @baisilgee
I did not find where to change it.
Nevertheless , I was scraping data with the normal way but it is taking too much time to have the data extracted.
all what I need is to extract the last message received from a chat conversation .
is there any idea to have it in few seconds?