Image Extraction

Hi all,

I am new to this forum and have only recently downloaded the community version to get more familiar with the solution. Apologies if this issue has been asked and answered before but I have two queries:
I developed a “data scraping” automation where the bot goes to a shopping site and selects the product name and price for a product and dumps into CSV. The automation works well as it does generate the excel file but the odd element is that it is not pulling info across alla pages. There are appox. 400 pages for that search but it only extracts 100 odd lines of products which cannot be all the pages. I used the extract wizard in “Data Scraping” and use the “extract correlated data” to add all the required fields. But it does not extract every page.

Is there any means of just extracting pictures and dumping JPEG or any other format into MS Word or any other readable file format? I could not see any means of doing that. So similar to the above but just going through a range of pages on shopping site and just extracting the images.

Many thanks in advance

@arunmn The problem of extracting only 100 pages can be solved by giving the max number as 0 when you extract the data.

Many thanks. Its not even extracting 100 pages but just 100 lines (not sure how many pages those items span over but certainly not 200). I have tried changing the value to 0 but it still only brings back a small subset of data.

@arunmn Have you specified if the data spans multiple pages?

Yes i did and then clicked on the next icon at the end of the page, still not sure why its not pulling data from all pages.

@arunmn Can you tell me what site are you using?


@arunmn i will just try using a random search option and check if i can retrieve all the data items from all the pages :sweat_smile:

many thanks that is really kind of you. can i also check is there any way i can only extract the images from that page (or any other such sites) and output into excel or Word? I have tried to look through the documentations but could not find a solution.

@arunmn Hey, apologies for the late reply :sweat_smile: but i tried to find Fan as search option and there were 20 pages in it, and as the data was extracted it stopped at the last page (20th) and gave me all the fan names that i wanted to extract. So There was no problem in extracting at my end. How many data’s and what data’s were you trying to extract from the search results?