Data scraping extract onclick elements in HTML table

I am trying to retrieve the “onclick” URL value from a table. When I use the data scraping tool I am unable to extract the URL value. This is the website that I am scraping the table from
The value I am trying to extract from each row is highlighted below image
Below is what my current data definition looks like. I believe I need to change the highlighted portion but I am unable to figure out how to retrieve the “onclick” value

A quick helpful response would be appreciated!

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Hi @Jacob_Summers - I found that the “onclick” attribute is only stored in the whole table row and not in the individual cells of the table. With the following data definition I am able to get the value for the on click attribute:

    <column name="Column1" exact="1" attr="onclick">
        <webctrl class="table-link" tag="tr"/>


Hope this helps!


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