Click from a list of urls in web page in a table

Dear All,

I have a web page which is having a table where first column is list of URLs and second column are corresponding values. How can I click the URL according to the values , For eg. I want to click the url and process one by one where second column value is ‘0’ . will look like following table.

URL1 1
URL2 0
URL3 0
URL4 2
URL5 0

can you please let me know whether I can scrap this to a data table and dynamically select the urls.


  1. First do DataScraping and store it in a datatable. Let us take dta.
  2. Then Run ForEach
    Inside ForEach Add one If Condition. There check the Value by using row(“VALUE”).

If the condition Satisfies use NavigateTo Activity and mention the corresponding url i.e row(“URL”)

Then Perform your business requirements.


Thank you very much Mahesh.
Is there any way to scrap a part of table from web page , suppose if I do not want the headings to be included as part of data. ?


You just extract the entire data and after that skip the first row.


Thank you :slight_smile:

The links which I need to go forward is not really URLs , but the links with JSP . So I will not be able to do the navigate , need to click the link. How can we pass this link to the click selector ? Or any other way to do this ?