Data scraping does not work on the web applicatoin with scroll bar


I would like to retrieve holiday date list from a web application using data scraping.
When I select the HolidayDate(2115-01-01 00:00:00) on the top as a first element, scroll down and select the date(2112-04-15 00:00:00) on the bottom as a second element, then the error came up.

Could you kindly tell me how can I use data scraping and retrieve data?
If you need further clarification on my question, please let me know.

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Could someone kindly help me out?

Is it possible to access that page?

Just to confirm, I hope you have installed the required extension. Did you try in any other browsers? Is it failing for you in all the places?

Rammohan B.

Hi Rammohan,

Thank you for your reply.
Unfortunately you are not able to access this page.
I’ve installed the required Java application but it still does not work.

I will try the others browse.
I could retrieve the data within the area we can see on the web page.
It seems the screen does not have the value until the values are shown on the screen.

How can I retrieve all data?

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Hey Takuya. I am also facing the similar issue. Need to scrape 1000’s of rows in web application but data scraping is only scraping 50 records to excel. Did your issue resolved? Please share your solution here.

Hi @srinucslt

The solution to this would be to create your own Data Scraping routine:

  1. Use Data Scraping wizard to scrap the 50 values you can once
  2. Find a way to move down exactly 50 records
  3. Use Data Scraping to scrap another 50 values and append to the previous ones
  4. Repeat until no more records are to be scraped
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I noted that this Web Page is configured for paging as shown here:

“Showing page 1 of 52” … “Show Rows: All 25 50 100”

My suggestion would be for the Automation to first click/select the “All” option for “Show Rows”, that way you may avoid having to scroll or page through 52 Pages.