Data scraping automation gets slower the more repetitions it runs

I have several different automations that run data scraping from different websites based on a for each row excel input to an excel output.

If i run a few searches/repetitions of the automation it’s incredibly fast, but the more i need it to do, the slower it gets.

Why does the automation get slower and slower? and is there a way to avoid it?

Try this way

If you use Element exist activity for the condition you can give timeout seconds in the properties as 2 sec or etc.

you can reduce the time generally by giving the timeout milliseconds in the properties

There can be many reasons behind
It can be the bot we have made or
the application which would have taken more time to load the elements in it

Did we try setting the WaitForReady property as Interactive or None.


Cheers @Mads_Hoxer_Larsen