Data Migration

Is it possible to automate the data validation process, post data migration using UiPath?

Hi @Chendoran_M

It is possible to automate data validation if you already have specific conditions in place using different techniques, but may I know what do you mean post data migration from UIPath?


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Post data migration from legacy application to new application, is it possible to automate the data validation using UiPath. For example validating data of source and target
(Excel->Database or Database->Database)

Hello @Chendoran_M

Hope you are looking for backend validation and not at the front end. So you have to compare with the datatable. But how much data are you migrating?


Hi @Chendoran_M

Yes it is…if you have the set of columns mapping with you then yes rules can be set and data can be validated on both the systems


It would be around 10000 data.

10000 data can be validated without causing any issues. You will have to frame the query to get the data from each table and you can do datatable based conditions to validate data from both.


Do you mean, I need to import the data from Database, store it in a data table and perform data table based conditioning?
I didn’t get your point here. Let’s say there are 10000 data in Database(PostgreSQL) and these are the migrated data from an Excel, now how do I validate the excel and Database data?

You can either write the Select query to fetch the data from Database(PostgreSQL) and then do a comparison with Excel. Another method is you need to pass the value from excel to datatable using the select query and fetch the data and do a comparision.

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