PDF Automation Question

Hello everyone!

I am automating a process that entails comparing and validating information from 60 unique PDF financial statements matches the information contained on a standardized Excel-based report. It also entails validating the data against what is contained in an internal-based financial application.

What concerns would you have about automating this process? What features in UiPath Studio would you recommend using for the compare and validation after the data has been extracted from the PDFs and report and system?

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Hello @chalice.yehling

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From extraction of data to validation can be easily performed in UiPath.

For extraction you can use Read PDF Text activity- Converting PDF data into a text format. Then using regex, the required text can be captured and saved in a data table. Read the input excel into another Data Table by using Read Range Activity. Both the data Tables can be easily compared row by row.

For system validation you can use Ui Automation Activities like Get Text etc.

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Varun Kumar

Hello @chalice.yehling ,

You may want to try also Document understanding, to extract information from pDF files.
On Youtube/Academy are some videos on how to work with Document understanding.

I hope it helps.