UiPath force closing while comparing two Datatables

Hi All,

I am trying to compare two excel files with one file having close to 13000 rows and the second file having close to 400 rows. The condition is that I have to check the whether there is a match while comparing all the rows of the second column within the first excel file with all the rows in the first column of the second excel file. I am posting the code used below:


When i try to run this simple while loop using UiPath CE, the robot stops forcefully after running for 3-4 minutes. Can any one of you help in providing a logic for a much faster and efficient method of excel table comparison.

Hi there,

when you are dealing with such a big chunk of data it might be better to use database functions.

Check the following link - Compare two DB tables

Import the excel as a database/ store it in SQL express (I think SQL express might have a limit of 10000 rows) so use enterprise edition of MSSQL, and run queries (Join or union as discussed in the link provided)

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