Data Manipulation Component on UiPath Go!

Hi everyone,

I just had my first component reviewed and published on UiPath Go!
The purpose of this is to provide custom activities to reduce development effort required for a certain data manipulation task.

A short summary of this component is as follows:
Convert Array To List

  • Converts an array containing any datatype objects [string, int] into list

Convert Datatable to Json

  • Converts a datatable into a Json showing key/value pair for each line for the purpose of logging or output datatable to message box

Convert List to Array

  • Converts a list into an array

Log Message

  • Takes in and outputs the same string variable by adding a string [another input] into the next line. This helps in logging of the process into a string.

Remove Datatable Empty Rows

  • Outputs a datatable with all empty rows removed
  • Outputs a boolean indicating if empty rows were removed

Remove Datatable Row By Value

  • Outputs a datatable with rows that correspond to a given value from a given column

Sort Datatable

  • Outputs a sorted datatable with the option of selecting ascending or descending order based on a column

You may download this component here
Alternatively, you may simple go to UiPath Studio > Manage Packages > Go! > Search “DataManipulation” and add the package to your project.
Keep in mind that might be two results for the search, my package is the one with the robot icon as shown.
Moving forward, I want to achieve the goal of adding more practical custom activities to aid RPA developers around the globe.

I look forward to your review of my first package and if you guys have suggestions for new activities, please feel free to tell me and i will try to add them inside the package.

Cheers :slight_smile:


Congratulations on the first component!!! You have done lot of hard work for it!!!

Great work!! Will surely check it out. And by the look of it, I see some stuff that may be useful for one of my projects which I’m doing… great!!!


Thanks for the feedback! @Lahiru.Fernando
I am looking forward to expanding it so if you have any suggestions, do let me know :slight_smile: