Brand New Data Manipulation Activities for UiPath Automations

Hello everyone,

Since the day I joined the forum, I have being researching on various different things. During my research, I noticed that people here look for solutions on complex stuff, but the solutions are hard to find. Some of those were on advanced excel functions. The things that we do in excel easily, but when automating we need to do it in a different way :slight_smile:

So, I thought of addressing some of those by creating an activity pack. Right now, this pack includes three activities that require hard logic if we are to code it on our own. This includes:

  • Data Transpose/ Row to column or column to row
  • Calculating Network days & hours
  • Custom date series generation for various tasks that involve different date patterns.

All this can now be achieved through this custom activity component easily without breaking your head on thinking the crazy logic behind it :smiley:

More activities will follow for this component with the time… For now… Enjoy the simplified automation!!! :smiley:

Thanks to our great UiPath team, we also can contribute to improve their product like this to make it more effective to our great community!!


Hi @Lahiru.Fernando,

That’s great.
If you want to check the documentation file from Resources Tab, since I see this message clicking on the document:

Just to be aware of it…


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Hi @wasea

Thanks for letting me know bro. May be a small issue in the publishing process. I’ll check with them right now and get it resolved soon…

Thanks a lot for reaching out :slight_smile:


Already informed… They’ll fix it soon :slight_smile:

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Hi @wasea

I have checked with them and now it works… Also this is one special note that they made…

"the URL for the page expires after 5 minutes tops, so you need to refresh your page and then download the User Manual. "

Thank you!!

Hello @Lahiru.Fernando,

I tested yesterday after your last comment. The links works properly. :wink:


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