UiPath Connect ! DataTable Activities

Hello Guys,

As a part of UIPath Custom activities Hackathon, I created some activities to address some common issues while working with DataTable.

This package contains the below activities:

  • Change Column Order - Changes the ordinal or position of the DataColumn to the specified ordinal or position.

  • DataTable Operations - It compares DataTables to get matched, unmatched, combine list of all rows in both tables.

  • DataTable to Dictionary - Converts DataTable to Dictionary.

  • DataTable to HTML - Writes a DataTable to HTML String.

  • DataTable to JSON- Writes a DataTable to JSON String.

  • JSON String to DataTable - Writes a JSON String to DataTable.

  • DataTable to XML- Writes a DataTable to XML String.

  • Display DataTable Columns - It will print all column names of DataTable.

  • Merge DataTable Horizontal - It will merge two DataTables Horizontally.

  • Rename Column - It renames the column name with new name.

  • Replace string in DataTable - It will help you to replace a particular string with a new string in the entire DataTable.

  • Select certain Columns - It helps to select certain columns from DataTable.

  • Skip/Take Rows - Skip/Take rows from a specified DataTable.

  • Transpose DataTable - It converts DataTable Columns to Rows and Rows to Columns.

  • DataTable Aggregate Functions - It helps to apply aggregate functions like Average, Count, Min, Max and Sum on a specified column in a given DataTable.

Please check and let me know your valuable feedback.

Special thanks to @Anil_Patel and @DeanMauro for great initiative. Looking forward to participate more and more these kind of programs in future.